Key Issues

Once elected, here are the issues David plans to tackle as city councillor.

transit expansion

Expediting Transit Expansion

Council must set and meet realistic goals for transit expansion based on targets reviewed annually. This should be done by a non-partisan working group consisting of: transit experts, advocates, activists, community business leaders, and most importantly, transportation users.

A priority for Ward 18, is the expansion of bus services. This is necessary in order to move commuters between subway stops. Light rail is a cost-effective and sophisticated option for cross-town transit, especially using land along the 401 and the hydro corridor.

community safety

Community Safety

Residents must feel empowered in our neighbourhoods. This can be accomplished using simple but effective solutions for problems involving safety. For example, a much-needed stop sign, should not take months of bureaucracy to complete.

I am continually impressed by the ingenuity of our Ward 18 residents, who take part in grassroots initiatives. For example, the Slow Down Lawn Sign Program, which has been taken to the next level by our residents. I look forward to community consultation on these issues.

senior programs

Improving Programs for Our Seniors

I will work to keep our seniors engaged and active. We need to ensure that preventative healthcare programs remain open and funded to provide the care our seniors deserve. For example, adult day programs in the community, in spaces such as Community Centre’s, would allow respite for family caregivers.


Integration of New Canadians

I will work with new Canadians to help integrate them into life in Ward 18. I will also ensure that services and programs are appropriately funded and that newcomers have fair access to these resources. I understand the needs of newcomers, as my father was born in Italy and came to Canada for a chance at a better life.

land development

Appropriate and Thoughtful Development

The LPAT must serve the residents of Ward 18 in the expansion of our communities. I will advocate for more autonomy in the City of Toronto from the unaccountable and unelected Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. I will accomplish this by using my connections to our MPPs and other like-minded councillors, to take back the decision-making processes that shape our city.

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